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Welcome to Manana’s Kitchen Lectin Free 🌱

QUICK & EASY LECTIN GLUTEN FREE Recipes for busy individuals who are  into healthy lifestyle. FALL in LOVE with taking care of YOURSELF – Raise Consciousness -WHAT YOU PUT IN YOUR BODY  💚
My name is Manana Khiski, I created this blog because I strongly believe that the lectin free lifestyle is extremely powerful. It is not a diet because you can eat so many delicious things, It is a healthy lifestyle. People always question me: How can I go without eating Potatoes, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, and Grains? So This is why I am here to show you all of the different options and alternatives that are truly delicious. My recipes are super quick and easy, made with 2,3,4,5, ingredients that anyone can make in minutes – as I work full time and I am very busy individual myself.

How I Started?

I learned about Dr. Gundry when one day, I ate what I thought was a healthy salad at work for lunch and got terribly bloated. I went on YouTube right away and searched “why am i bloating?” (actually  bloating was always bothering me all my life, but that day was a painful bloating, because i consume ferro grain with tomatoes cucumbers and caws milk feta cheese – all lectin containing ingredients)
The first video I saw was the video of Dr Gundry with a tomato in his hand, and the salad I ate that day contained tomatoes. Since that day, I eliminated lectins from my diet, eliminated caws milk cheese, the bloating and other problems just disappeared. It is just truly amazing. Because of the results i achieved just by following Doctor Gundry, listening his podcasts on daily basis, and reading his books, i strongly believe that the lectin free lifestyle is extremely powerful. But so many people don’t know about this. Lectins are anti nutrients, so why should we eat them?
I am in love with my lectin free lifestyle and i never felt so light so alive so healthy and clean from inside out. I am forever grateful for Doctor Gundry.