Things to Know About Dietary Lectins

Heal your gut with lectin free lifestyle – that will help you get younger as you age!

“All disease begins in the gut.“ — Hippocrates

The good news is that all disease can end in the gut, if you seal your gut lining by avoiding lectin containing food from your diet – “DR Gundry”

Eat your food as your medicine, otherwise you have to eat medicine as your food – “Steve Jobs”

My mission of creation this blog is to show people that it’s really pretty simple to eat healthy! You can tell by my 3, 4, 5 ingredient recipes.

What is lectin?

Lectins are toxins that plants produce to survive and shouldn’t be eaten because of the complications they cause, including inflammation, (inflammation the root cause of many chronic illnesses) intestinal damage, brain fog, constant fatigue and weight gain.

A lectin protein, also known as the “anti-nutrient” is a type of protein that binds to certain carbohydrates (such as sugars). Just about every organism in the world. There are many types of lectins, gluten is one of them. Some lectins pose health risks.



Lots of people don’t know this word lectin – I did not know myself but you’ve likely heard gluten – it’s one of the most common lectins.  But it’s not the only one. Lots of the “healthy” foods we been trained to eat for centuries still contain dangerous lectins, including foods labeled as “gluten-free”.


How did I Discover about Lectins?

Because of painful BLOATING ! 

One day I made a “healthy” salad as i thought it was healthy, salad was made of tomatoes, cucumbers farrows and caws milk feta cheese, 4 ingredient salad, and all 4 ingredient contained lectins …..  I got so terribly bloated at work that I had to leave the office and walk around for 15 min nonstop, to calm my stomach, and actually bloating was always my problem, but that day was an epic bloating.

So when I came back to office so frustrated I started researching on YouTube “why am I bloating” and Dr Gundry’s video came up and I start listening to him, (I saw his commercial before but unfortunately never paid attention) I right away start listening to him avoided all lectins for 3 days, and i could not believe that I was not bloating any more, then I got very interested, ordered his book “Plant Paradox Cook Book” and in 3 days i educated myself, i become obsessed with this new information. Then i wanted to try his supplements because i knew i would have leaky gut. I was skeptical in the beginning, reading all the reviews and finally i made the best decision, i ordered
Bio Complete 3 and Total Restore. I felt immediate results, like after 4 days i felt big difference in my energy, digestion and constipation problems also disappeared. Later on i also lost some weight naturally. I am still taking them, it’s been 2 years now. Those 2 supplements are game changers. If you have leaky gut you need to take them for one year or little more to seal gut lining.


Humans can’t digest lectins.

Some reactions on lectins that humans experience is  something like:

  • Bloating and gas
  • Weight gain
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Upset stomach

Some specific types of lectins can affect the human health. They might interrupt the absorption of vitamins and minerals in your body. Lectins are called the “anti-nutrients”

Lectins toxic plant protein which can stick to your cells and cause micro tearing in your gut lining. This leads to digestive problems, leaky gut, inflammation, auto-immune problems, obesity, brain fog, joint pain, fatigue and so much more.

Lectin free diet – lifestyle is in the trends these days. It is also known as the plant paradox diet.

Avoiding all foods that contain high amounts of lectins will prevent or reverse arthritis, leaky gut, cancer, cardiovascular disease, inflammation and autoimmune diseases.


In his podcast, Dr. Steven Gundry,  explains how his research indicates that poor gut health can lead to autoimmune disease, and that autoimmune disease is a manifestation of  a leaky gut, and heart disease is also manifestation of leaky gut.


Leaky gut not only caused by foods we eat but also can be caused by stress.

Thanks to doctor Gundry’s knowledge my and many other individuals life has changed. I followed his plant paradox program, and took his game changer supplements Bio Complete 3 and Total Restore, and my all problems just disappeared without single appointment with DR Gundry, all i did i read his books and listed to his podcasts, just amazing, he is a true healer.

Highly recommend to read the best-selling book series known as the Plant Paradox. It enables you to maintain the important gut health,  that keeps you younger when you age.



The simple definition of leaky gut is “intestinal permeability” – or holes in your intestinal linings that dangerous particles, like bacteria and waste (endotoxins), pass through.
One of the main culprits in leaky gut is lectins. You see, lectins bind to the cells in your gut – and pull apart your intestinal lining. And that leaves spaces for foreign bodies to leave your digestive system and enter your bloodstream.
Now, the signs of leaky gut can be different for different people… but if you’ve ever struggled with low energy, digestive discomfort, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, diabetes, high blood pressure,  brain fog, food cravings, weight gain,  and even skin issues, leaky gut could be the culprit.
99% of people have leaky gut.



There are  few ways to measure leaky gut these days, please ask your primary doctor about it.

You can use VIOME test – for gut intelligence test. That test will also tell you  what foods you are sensitive to and what food you should avoid, and what food you should consume more often.

You can also do blood work for FASTING INSULIN LEVEL – if your fasting insulin level shows above 1o – then you have insulin resistance and if it shows 16 you have leaky gut, if your  fasting insulin level shows 2 to 6 you do not have leaky gut. Very important to keep your insulin level low for lots of other reasons as well.



You Need a Special Kind of Fiber – Prebiotic Fiber, and also recently in one of the interview Doctor Gundry mentioned that Vitamin D-3 is one of the essentials for repairing leaky gut as well.

Prebiotic fiber not only does it feed the good bacterias in your gut, but it helps protect gut lining to control leaky gut the natural way.

I personally took Gundry MD supplements for over a year and still taking them.

I took 2 different supplements together along with Vitamin D-3 5000

(please consult you primary care doctor if you going to take these supplements)

Bio Complete 3 – And Total Restore from Gundry MD were game changer for me and for so many others!

I also lost weight over 18 pounds,  these supplements have been  truly life changing for me, but if you have leaky gut you have to take them for one year or more, you have to be very consistent taking them especially Bio Complete3 because it contains prebiotic fiber and Butyrate that seals gut lining – leaky gut. To heal leaky gut it may take 6, 9 month or over a year, it depends.

So number one start  avoiding all lectin containing food, sugar,  even natural sugar must be limited, dairy, if you consume meat make sure it is grass fed and grass finished and also recommended to consume in small portions and not every week, grass fed grass finished meat available @ whole foods and you can order online as well, for fish products only wild caught. High quality Supplements like Bio Complete 3 and Total Restore by Gundry MD  will defiantly help you to speed up the process of healing the leaky gut. The key is to be consistent and not cheat in the beginning. Self discipline, time restriction like to have 7 hour eating window, and meal planning is a key. With my easy recipes meal planning will not be hard. The beauty of lectin free lifestyle is that you can eat so many delicious food – you simply can swap your favorite foods from the yes list, for example sugar – swap with allulose natural sweetener. 


Please read why I took these Two supplements together and still taking them

Total Restore: helps support and improve Gastro intestinal function and health. It also supports the mucosal lining and the entire gastrointestinal tract. TOTAL RESTORE helps to soothe discomfort, “shore up” weak areas in your gut lining, and even absorb harmful lectins before they can cause damage to your gut.
( I became an ambassador to offer my followers discounted link for the only supplement brand i completely trust because of the results i achieved on myself https://bit.ly/3yqChjw  this discounted link is for entire Gundry MD Products )


BIO COMPLETE 3: is a powerful super post biotic that keeps dangerous toxins out and grows your army of good gut bugs. This complete health formula contains prebiotic fiber a clinically studied pro biotic strain and post biotic Butyrate


These formulas are designed to work harmoniously and can be taken together

Here is a link with DISCOUNTED PRICES ON THE ENTIRE SITE for just my followers, you will save a lot
Click HERE




Unique 3-pronged blend of probiotics, prebiotics, and postbiotics to work together to give your gut a major boost. These specialized compounds get to work in your body and make the digestion process efficient. Not just the digestion system, they also act upon your weight, energy levels, in fact, they improve your overall health.


Bio Complete 3 can help you enjoy:

  1. A slimmer waistline
  2. Smoother digestion
  3. Easier, more regular bathroom visits
  4. Reduced cravings for unhealthy junk foods
  5. And even more energy


Major ingredient factors of the BIO COMPLETE 3 are:

  • Tributyrin (as CoreBiome™)
  • Sunfiber®
  • Bacillus Coagulans (ProDURA®)

Other ingredients:

  • Microcrystalline Cellulose
  • Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose
  • Silica
  • Magnesium Stearate


Healing leaky gut may take 6, 9 month or over a year it depends.

Total Restore goes to work right away inside your stomach, to naturally help shore up your gut. All you have to do is take three capsules with your biggest meal of the day.  The powerful ingredients in it have great impact on your body because you start to feel zero cravings, high energy levels, and a very clear and focused mind. The ingredients are:



Amino acid is the major factor in reducing the junk food cravings and soothing your gut wall lining. All of this eventually help in controlling your body weight.


N-acetyl D-glucosamine

It is a powerful compound that makes your joints at comfort and helps in absorbing the lectins present inside your gut wall that can bind themselves with the gut wall lining and eventually damage it.


Licorice root extract

You can treat or keep your gut wall lining safe from the harmful lectins with licorice root.



Following are the major and powerful ingredients in the restore::


  • L-Glutamine
  • N-Acetyl- D-Glucosamine
  • Magnesium Beta-Hydroxybutyrate
  • Grape Seed Extract
  • Licorice Roots Powder
  • Wormwood Powder
  • Cinnamon Bark Powder
  • Maitake Mushroom Extract

Organic Strawberry, Organic Raspberry, Organic Blueberry, Organic Tart Cherry, Organic Elderberry, and Organic Cranberry

  1. Cloves Buds Powder
  2. Black Pepper Seeds Power
  3. Grapefruit Seeds Extract
  4. Marshmallow Roots Powder
  5. Zinc L-Carnosine
  6. Berberine Bark Powder
  7. ALLERGEN WARNING: Contains Shellfish


Bio Complete 3 works to support easier digestion, better weight management, more energy, less unhealthy cravings, and improved muscle strength by using what I call the “3-Pronged Defense” to gut health:


You can boost your probiotic levels, so you have an abundance of good gut bacteria. Boost your prebiotic levels, so your good gut bacteria have the proper fuel to thrive

Boost butyrate (a.k.a. postbiotic) levels, so you can achieve an “ironclad” gut lining (and help combat issues of “leaky gut,” like low energy and cravings for unhealthy food)


Gundry MD Bio Complete 3 includes only rich and organic elements.



Try to simply take four capsules every day before meal 2 capsules morning time and  two capsules at night time. This ways you are protecting and feeding your good buddies 24/7. It is made in a way that it absorbs ultra-fast so that it rapidly starts working in your gut. You will clearly feel the boost in your energy and health.


It’s important to take your Bio Complete 3 every day on a consistent basis. I usually take them without having breakfast in the morning and before meal at the dinner. This way, your gut is protected 24/7.


Lectins – proteins found in almost all foods, especially legumes grains and night shade vegetables.


DETOXIFY LECTINS BY PRESSURE COOKING to avoid Bloating and Bad Digestion.

Lectins are easy to detoxify – for legumes you can pressure cook them or you can buy

Brands like EDEN and Jovial.  These two brands pressure cook their beans and lentils,

and  they put them in BPA free cans , jovial Italian brand beans are stored in glass containers.
You can easily get these brands of beans @ whole foods or organic stores.

I enjoy my EDEN brand beans twice a week, and i do have some very quick recipes with beans please check them out in lunch and dinner categories.

I created 2 ingredient recipe with beans which is so delicious healthy and quick. Very handy recipe when you are rushing and need to cook something quick and nutrient rich. Just green leafy greens of your choice and EDEN canned beans + seasoning is very important. For seasoning i mostly use red wine vinegar (because it is paralyzes bad bacteria in the gut and vinegar all kinds is mitochondrial uncoupler) black pepper,  iodized sea salt and high quality extra virgin olive oil, and you salad is ready.


Here are links for EDEN pressure cooked beans in BPA free cans

Link for jovial pressure cooked beans

Lectins in tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, egg plants, zucchini, and in anything that contains seeds simply can be pealed and deseeded and also pressure cooked in pressure cooker.


Just don’t eat tomatoes and eat amazing Italian tomato sauces – WHY ITALIAN TOMATO SAUCE? – because Italians deseeded and peal their tomatoes and peppers. Here are some links of best Italian tomato sauces I discovered so far. The are my personal favorite brands and complaint for plant paradox program.


🌿🥫🍅🇮🇹LINK FOR BEST COMPLIANT ITALIAN peeled and decided tomato SAUOCE :


The Organico Bello, Tomatoes Passata Strand, 24 Ounce


Organico Bello, Tomatoes Passata Strand, 24 Ounce

And Organico bello organic strained tomatoes is made from 100% organic tomatoes with no sugar added. Organico bello …


Did you know foods on the nightshades vegetable list might contribute to the following health issues?

  1. Digestive issues
  2. Dry mouth
  3. Confusion,
  4. Vomiting
  5. Visual disturbances1


The Culprits: Foods on the Nightshade List

  • Eggplant (Fruit)
  • Tomatoes (Fruit)
  • Potatoes (Vegetable)
  • Goji Berries (Fruit)
  • Pimentos (Fruit)
  • Bell Peppers



Once you start avoiding lectins from your diet you will notice more energy, better mood, no more bloating, no more constipation, no more diarrhea, losing weight – this happens only because your gut lining starts healing, when you feel better then 15 years ago that means that you are on the right path!


📚📖 IMPORTANT If you are new to lectin free lifestyle

I highly recommend this book by doctor Gundry to Educate yourself 💡


The Plant Paradox Cookbook: Delicious Recipes to Help You Lose Weight, Heal Your Gut, and Live Lectin-Free

This is my favorite book because you get educated about entire lectin free lifestyle.

1)This Book has YES & NO list of foods

2)Explanation about lectins

3)Amazing recipes

4)What supplements to take

A must book to have at home


Love & Light


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