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Lectin Free Dinner Recipe Macaroni Millet With Quorn – 5 Ingredients

Delicious 5 Ingredient Dinner Recipe Macaroni Millet With Quorn meatless grounds is an amazing combination.

Quick and super- easy fantastic healthy dinner recipe and links where to buy meatless grounds, Italian tomato sauce, and millet macaroni pasta are below, you can use any shape of millet pasta SUPER EASY – SUPER QUICK.

The quorn pasta recipe takes only 12 mins and anyone can make this.  I call this weekend the best dish – since I came up with this quorn recipe on Sunday 🙂

In addition, I don’t have to think of other dishes to make on the weekend as this recipe saves time and is easy to plan.  Feel free to make any days of the week you desire.


Macaroni Recipe for Busy Individuals

This 12-minute recipe is perfect for busy individuals, as you can easily cook this dish once a week.  it has delicious tastes like ground beef with pasta and everyone in your family will love this dish.

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Macaroni Millet Quorn Recipe Ingredients

You just need simple 5-ingredients for the recipe. You can buy them from here links below, millet macaroni not sold in store only on amazon and online.

  • Millet Macaroni or any shape of millet pasta
  • 1 bag of Quorn meatless grounds
  • 1/2 cup of Italian tomato sauce
  • 1 red onion
  • 5 cloves of garlic
  • 2 tea spoon of organic chili powder
  • 1/2 tea spoon of black pepper
  • olive oil or avocado oil

Here is a link  where to buy the best gluten lectin free pastas – all shapes – made with only one ingredient – Organic millet or sorghum flour – the BEST – millet pasta tastes like a regular pasta


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Cooking Directions for Quorn Pasta

The recipe is very to make as I show you in the video.


Follow the steps and enjoy your cooking.

Step# 1 Cook for 10 minutes

Millet Macaroni takes 10 Minutes to cook,  while it’s boiling start cooking meatless grounds.

Step# 2 Stew the ingredients

Stew 1 red onion with 5 cloves of garlic in 5 -6 TBL spoon of avocado or olive oil for 2 minutes.

Step# 3 Add Quorn meatless grounds

Add 1 bag of Quorn meatless grounds – stir every 2 min and cook for 6 min.

Quorn is sold at Whole Foods. Buy it by clicking link given below.

Step# 4 Add Italian tomato sauce

Links for compliant Italian tomato sauce are below

Add 1/2 cup of Italian tomato sauce.

Why Italian?

Because Italians peel and deseed their tomatoes.  so we avoid lectins anti-nutrients that are in the skin and seeds of tomatoes.  here is a link for Tuscany tomato sauce but you can get them cheaper in whole foods about $8.00

Step# 5 Final Step

Right after tomato sauce add iodized sea salt about 1 teaspoon or more to taste, 1/2 teaspoon of black pepper, 2 tea spoons of organic chili powder, and few dash of cayenne paper to taste.


The recipe is for serving -3 persons. Serve hot with millet pasta and if you like you can add some fresh herbs Enjoy 🙂


Final thoughts

You’ll love the recipe because

  • Easy to make
  • Super-quick recipe is free from dairy, lectin, gluten, and nuts.
  • Super-versatile
  • Great for meal preparation
  • Kid-friendly

The recipe is fantastic for once or twice a week.




LINK FOR – QUORN MEATLESS GROUNDS – also sold in whole foods


🌱LINKS for Organic Millet Pasta:

Big Green Organic Food- Organic Millet Capellini PASTA


And LINK FOR Big Green Organic Food- Organic Millet Shell

Your LINK FOR Organic Millet Macaroni

4.  🌿🥫🍅🇮🇹LINK FOR BEST COMPLIANT ITALIAN peeled and decided tomato SAUOCE : 

🌱LINK FOR CALIFORNIA OLIVE OIL – I trust this brand for olive oil

🌱LINK FOR IODIZED SEA SALT – Dr. Gundry recommends using Iodized sea salt, it is not sold in every store, here is a link for you, I buy this all the time

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