Millet Pasta Salad Recipe – How To Make a Healthy Gluten Free Pasta Salad

How To Make a Healthy Gluten Free Pasta Salad QUICK

Easy Delicious Quick Gluten-Free Millet Pasta Salad Recipe – Perfect for lunch or dinner

For this super-quick pasta salad you will need just very simple ingredients leafy greens of your choice, millet ( my favorite is millet pasta salad ) or any lectin free gluten free pasta of your choice and sheep’s milk feta or goat’s milk feta.
I am very excited to share this fantastic pasta salad with you because I know you will love it !

Gluten-free millet pasta salad   is perfect to take to work for lunch or make it for dinner. I was very excited when i came up with this  millet pasta salad recipe only because it is so simple quick easy and so delicious, made with nothing more than just 3 simple ingredients.

I use Macaroni millet pasta from big green organic food company (links are below) this is so far my favorite brand for gluten free lectin free pasta, tastes like a real pasta.

Here is a step-by-step video and make your millet pasta recipe today, 🙂

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List of Ingredients for Pasta Salad Recipe

  • Millet macaroni – any shape of millet pasta would be great
  • Organic leafy greens – I buy organic spring mix and arugula at Trader Joe’s
  • Sheep’s Milk Feta Cheese – available at trader joe’s – Or goat’s milk feta
  • For seasoning – olive oil, iodized sea salt and red wine vinegar

How To Make Millet Pasta Salad

The making of macaroni salad recipe – this recipe is for serving 3-individuals.


How to Make Pasta – Complete Direction


Prepare 1 cup of millet pasta as it says on the packaging. After boiling rinse it in cold water to keep the pasta loose for the salad.

once you rinse it, season with iodized sea salt to taste and 3 tablespoons of high quality extra virgin olive oil, and put pasta aside.


Seasoning of leafy greens


Mix 1 cup of organic arugula and 2 cups of organic spring mix with about 1/2 teaspoon of iodized sea salt, 1 or 2 tablespoons of red wine vinegar, and 4 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil mix well and add pasta and mix all together well.




The final step of making millet pasta is sprinkling with cheese. Sprinkle with sheep’s milk feta cheese or goat’s milk cheese. I buy cheese and organic leafy greens at trader joe’s.

If you are vegan just skip this part as it is delicious without cheese also.


Pro Tips for 3 Ingredient Pasta Salad

The above recipe of millet pasta is adaptable, as you can customize the green leafy greens vegetables and you can use any shape of the pasta, as long as pasta is made of millet or sorghum grains, because only these two grains are lectin gluten free. There is also cassava pasta – brand Jovial. My favorite is millet pasta cause it tastes the best to me.

However, some pro tips will help you to make the millet pasta more delicious. A list of tips is below.

  • Avoid overcooking your gluten-free pasta
  • Let the millet pasta-salad sit for more vibrant flavors


Customize Your Gluten-Free Millet Pasta Recipe

The dressing, cheese, and pasta provides the base of the recipe. But, you can customize the millet pasta on your preferences.
You can add any olives of your choice, hearts of artichokes would be great or any other veggies of your choice.


Links for millet pasta, iodized sea salt and olive oil



LINK FOR Big Green Organic Food- Organic Millet Shell


Here is LINK FOR Organic Millet Macaroni


they are sold out most of the time, if in stock try to order a few packs – these are the best!

You can get the LINK FOR Big Green Organic Food- Organic Millet Capellini PASTA

LINK FOR CALIFORNIA OLIVE OIL – I trust this brand for olive oil


The LINK FOR IODIZED SEA SALT – Dr. Gundry recommends using Iodized sea salt, it is not sold in every store, here is a link for you


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